#1- dream 

We make meaningful and purposeful opportunities out of old problems and mindsets

#2 – connect

We live our life stories in alignment with our values

#3 – create

We experience the joy that lies within us in service of the whole

are you ready to trek?

At Purposeful Trekking, we hone in on what you truly need and care about.

Is it time to ask “what’s possible?” and begin to connect deeply with yourself, and then, trek beside other pioneers with a shared passion for manifesting your dreams?

Our Dream and Invitation

We are here to promote the flourishing of conscious life; we do so by supporting entrepreneurs from all walks of life to practice the art and science of ethical change-making, creation and lives well-lived.

Why Now?

The next five years will be foundational in rewiring ourselves for what is coming – a profoundly inspiring age of humanity.

For those who feel called, it is an opportunity to tap into the inner compass, to unlock healthy ways to live and work. The use of holistic approaches and living, regenerative systems will be critical.

There are no secret formulas or best practices, only a need to create what we need the most.

Who Are Ideal Trusted Partners on the Trek?

Pioneers, visionaries, changemakers and entrepreneurs who want to :


Develop unique abilities, visions, and ideas


Contribute to the betterment of humanity

Work in Community

Look for a community of pioneering partners and co-creators

Are You Ready To Choose Your Trek?

Our customized, facilitated conversations and treks serve as a compass to navigate and unlock the path to 2027 and beyond.

Each Trek stands on its own and is tailored to your needs. You may choose to introduce them all to your organization and communities. The choice is yours.

Self Treks

Tailored to Your Needs

Trek Pods

Unlearning and Learning

Community Treks

Bringing Meaning to Life

Are you ready to trek into possibilities?      Let’s find out!

About Us

The First Triad

Kay Newton

Self Trekker, Writer, Simplicity Strategist

Romanus Berg

Path-paver, Pioneer, Former CIO & EXEC (Ashoka & Oceana)

Ayelet Baron

Futurist, Author, Reformed Strategy Executive (Cisco)


Meet Some of Your Fellow Trekkers Here

The goal of y/our apprenticeships is to learn the lifelong skill of honing in on your vocation – to acquire skills (before money) to apply them meaningfully. 

Would you like to build and expand your portfolio while becoming part of an inspiring international core team? 

Can you work independently and on-demand?

Are you able to transform words into vivid illustrations/animations that spark people?  

We have opportunities for:

1) Illustrator/Animator – to bring our words to life.

Contact US


Would you like to build and expand your portfolio while becoming part of an inspiring international core team? 

Can you work independently and on-demand?

Do you understand the inner workings of WordPress?

We have opportunities for:

2) Project Manager for WordPress – for design layout and updates of 4 sites.  

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We are authors, thinkers, visionaries and changemakers who love the written word. 

We are on a mission to create what we need. We believe that if we each play our position, we can live a full and meaningful life in alignment with our values. 

We can’t do everything ourselves and we are excited to connect with talented people who complement and grow as all our needs change.

Located in different parts of the world – virtual is our way of life. 

Are you ready to join us on a trek of a lifetime?

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