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We Say Yes to Adventure.



The Purposeful Trek

A place of exploration, dialogue and deep connection where we unlearn, learn &
rewild ourselves.

Embark on a lifetime of transformation.

There is a growing realization that we are responsible for the reality in which we live. New beginnings come from inspiration, unlearning, action and determination – this is where future freedom lies. When we imagine a world of opportunities and possibilities, there needs to be a leap of faith based on being human yet grounded in nature.

We know that what we have done in the past no longer works and that we cannot look to the old charts for guidance. This is new territory. It is not scary, it is exciting.

This is an opportunity to tap into our inner compass, to unlock healthy ways to live and work.

Is it time to ask “what’s possible?” and begin to connect deeply with yourself, and then, trek beside other pioneers with a shared passion for manifesting your dreams?

How does it work?

One of the most profound and beautiful opportunities offered by human existence is to realize and share our unique potential.

Through each trek a unique potential occurs through self-actualization—to accomplish transformative goals in harmony with ease and flow.

Purposeful Trekking offers a wholistic experience-based process that takes you through three stages… for you to explore at your own pace.

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Self Trek

To know thyself intimately.

Our thoughts create our feelings, which form our actions and reality. To imagine the world we wish to live in, we have to claim our true individuality, our uniqueness. 

To know yourself intimately is like a breath of fresh air. When we review where we are now, step up and claim our power, full of confidence and compassion, we can dream differently.

Trek Pod

To connect with like-minded others and create

From your new self-perspective, you can ask others to support you toward further awareness and, in turn, aid them to do likewise. A triad is a magical heart-centred place of flow, space and trust.

When we come together in Triads and birth a new reality, it is an exciting time full of intense possibilities and opportunities. The more we come together to live in grounded awakening, the more unexpected events and instant manifestations occur.


Community Trek

The Trusted Community of inspiration.

As you create together, other trusted sources synchronistically appear, allowing the ability to create a community of heart-centred trusted partners and resources which grows exponentially.

Dream, connect and create:

Share your contact info to start your radical Trek.

When we seek for connection, we restore the world to wholeness. Our seemingly separate lives become meaningful as we discover how truly necessary we are to each other.”

- Margaret Wheatley